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The first quarter of 2024 was a strong quarter for the Infinity Multi Asset Portfolios.  All Portfolios were able to outperform their respective benchmarks as well as the peer average.  The quarter capped off a solid year across the board, but equally, the longer-term performance of the Portfolios continues to remain sound. While stronger equity markets were a feature over the quarter, The Portfolios benefited from our dynamic asset allocation framework alongside positive contributions from both security as well as manager selection.

In this quarterly update, Infinity Private Assets Fund Portfolio Managers Andrew Miles and Chris Reynolds run through performance, contribution to return, and portfolio positioning for the Fund over the March Quarter. They also highlight the Fund’s recent new investment in the Epsilon Direct Lending fund and the upcoming close of the Foundation Offer.

Portfolio Manager Chris Adams reviews the ASX 2024 interim reporting season for the SMID Australian Equity portfolio. Highlighting good performance across various sectors including resilience in domestic housing, construction, and retail. Paired with a positive earnings outlook, the SMID is well-positioned, moving deeper into 2024.

The December 2023 quarter was a strong quarter for financial markets with all major assets classes generating positive investment returns. This was on the back of lower bond yields over the quarter, as markets became increasingly confident that central banks were down with increasing official cash rates. The downward move in yields resulted in both growth and defensive asset classes moving higher and this directly translated into the performance of the Portfolios over the quarter. Pleasingly both absolute as well as relative (peer) performance was strong and the Portfolios longer track record continues to be in the upper quartile ranges.

In the December Quarterly Update for the Infinity Private Assets Fund, Portfolio Managers Chris Reynolds and Andrew Miles go through the Fund’s performance and positioning for the December Quarter and since inception, plus a reminder about the Fund’s Foundation Offer.

The third quarter of 2023 was a difficult period for financial markets with all major asset classes generating negative returns against a backdrop of rising bond yields, ongoing inflationary pressures, slowing economic activity and increasing geopolitical and trade risks that continue to create headwinds for broader market stability. However, despite the challenges over the quarter, the Portfolios held up well, and more importantly, continue to deliver sound investment performance over the medium term. We made several changes over the quarter to both asset allocation as well as security selection as we look to trade into peak cycle cash rates as well as a dynamic macro environment that is likely to see constrained growth through the fourth quarter into 2024

In this quarterly video we introduce a new manager we added to the Growth, High Growth, and Alternatives portfolios. The Global X Bloomberg Commodity ETF (BCOM) which provides diversified exposure to 25 underlying commodity futures across energy, precious metals, industrial metals, grains, softs, and livestock.

The September quarter was challenging for financial markets, as higher bond yields continued to place downward pressure on asset prices. In this very difficult environment, IPAF delivered a return of 0.21% for the quarter and 2.68% since inception. We have been pleased with the resilience of the performance so far and remain optimistic about the outlook for the portfolio. In this video, we discuss IPAF’s performance, and current portfolio positioning.