Infinity provides licensed financial advisors exposure to an institutional grade investment solution across an array of underlying strategies. Advisors and their clients benefit from Infinity’s extensive investment experience and expertise, with solutions delivered in a cost effective manner. Any licensed financial advisor can leverage Infinity’s research and range of managed account solutions.

Why use a Separately Managed Account approach?

Infinity specialises in the construction and management of Separately Managed Account (SMA) investment portfolios. Infinity believes that SMA’s can provide both advisors and clients with an investment framework that gives them a more complete and efficient investment solution.

Under an SMA structure, advisors and their clients benefit from:

  • Institutional grade portfolio management and investment expertise;
  • Access to managers and markets that may not be easily accessible;
  • Efficient implementation and timely execution of investment decisions across the portfolios;
  • Integrated risk management that is monitored on a daily basis;
  • Full portfolio transparency and performance reporting; and
  • The retention of beneficial ownership of the underlying investments across the portfolio.

This means our advisors can spend more time with their clients on what matters most, all within a competitive fee regime.


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